Mallorie won the ticket lottery tonight. This meant she got to go to the game with me. This irritated Dakota to no end. He seems to think that he should go to every game. I had to promise him I would get him a baseball at the game before he would let me leave the house. I now understand the pressure the mountain man faced knowing he would not be welcomed back at his tent unless he successfully returned from the hunt. Mallorie and I arrived at the game early in order to watch batting practice. I stood along the third base side near the bullpen watching as Mallorie attempted to get players to autograph her baseball. While standing there, Greg Colbrunn hit a shot down the left field line coming right at us. Seeing the velocity on the ball, I felt it would be prudent to not try and catch it with my hand. Instead, I stuck my hat out to catch the ball. The ball hit my hat with such force that it was merely deflected. I continued to watch the ball ricochet from my hat to the right shoulder of a little old man who must have been seventy. He will probably be ok. As the Diamondbacks finished, the Philadelphia Phillies began their batting practice. With Ron Gant at the plate, he hit a bullet down the third base line. I again held out my hat. This time, the ball landed squarely inside nearly ripping it to shreds. When it was done though, I had a ball for Dakota just like I promised.

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