It was Whitney’s turn to go to the game. She was so excited to be able to go to the ballpark. For her, the game is more of an experience than just a ballgame. She is interested in seeing the sights than in watching the game. We have a deal that we watch the Diamondbacks take batting practice and then we go to the toy beyond center field for her to play before the game starts. For dinner, she always has to have chicken nuggets and cotton candy. If these needs are met, she is fine. She also refuses to go to the game when Armando Reynoso is pitching because the games take to long. With Brian Anderson on the mound, I felt pretty safe that we would get home at a decent hour. Unfortunately, her idea of decent and mine differ. At about the sixth inning, she began to get tired. She was very good sitting there in the seat next to me. About a batter later, she was sound asleep. She slept through the remainder of the game which happened to be very exciting as the Diamondbacks overcame a Rockies 4 run lead to win the game. The crowd all around us was yelling and screaming as the game went on. None of this seemed to matter to Whitney as she stayed asleep throughout. As the Diamondbacks came back and won the game in the eighth inning with Kim getting the save in the ninth, Whitney woke up just in time to pack up the seat cushions and head back to the car. All the way home, all she could do is talk about how much fun she had. Just think of the enjoyment she would have gotten if she had been awake.

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