In a rare occurrence, Trina is actually sitting with me at the game today. I think this marks the first time this season that we have actually sat together. Usually she has the younger kids with her in the upper deck while I have one of the older ones with me. Trina always likes to sample the Visiting Team special at the concession stand. It is interesting what type of food they decide to bring in for each of the teams. Before the game, we were sitting in the seats relaxing and talking when we noticed several of the players coming out to warm up before the game. Tiffany had given her mother instructions to get an autograph for her so Trina felt obligated to try. I explained that the players usually will just sign for the kids so not to get her hopes up. Instead, Trina was able to coax Matt Mantei, Byung-Hung Kim, and Travis Lee to each come over to sign Tiffany’s ball. She also had Erubiel Durazo stop by but the crowd pushed her out of the way before she could get his signature. I was amazed that she was able to get the players to come over so easily. It became obvious where Tiffany gets this gift from. Now if she can only get Randy Johnson to come over I would have him sign a ball for Dakota’s birthday.

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