Day Two Disneyland. After what seemed like endless lines and bad food, we were once again up for another day of happy furry animals surrounded by children and foreign tourists toting an average of three cameras per person. The crowds today were much lighter than they were yesterday. This allowed us to spend our time on the rides rather than in line. With Dakota only being three, he was not yet tall enough to ride many of the major rides. This required us to use the old “baby switch”. I have to give Disney credit for that one. One parent takes the children on a ride while the other parent waits with the child that cannot ride. Once the ride is completed, the parents switch and the other goes to the front of the line to ride. This allowed both parents to ride and the kids got to go twice. One ride that was very popular with the kids was the bobsled races at the Matterhorn. We had planned to do the baby switch but found that Dakota could actually ride the ride. We all stood in line patiently waiting for our turn. As we approached the front, the kids noticed that the bobsleds all had numbers on them. It was interesting watching them, they did not refer to the bobsleds by their numbers. Instead, they equated these numbers to Diamondbacks jersey numbers. Tiffany of course wanted to ride the Matt Mantei sled (31) while Mallorie was hoping to get the Luis Gonzalez (20). When it got to be our turn, we were placed in the Travis Lee (16) and sent on our way. Over the course of the three days, the kids rode the Matterhorn several times. They rode Randy Johnson, Travis Lee, Matt Mantei (we had to allow the group behind us to go ahead to get that one), and Danny Klassen.

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