Best Seat in the House

With the Diamondbacks on the road for a week, I will not have the opportunity to hang out at Bank One Ballpark. Instead, I have to hurry home after work if I am going to watch a game on television. Now usually I begin to complain that it is just not the same as at the ballpark but Trina has eliminated that phrase from my vocabulary. With my new Bank One Ballpark seats in the living room, I now have the perfect place to watch the game. After work, I ran in, grabbed my seat cushion and headed for my new favorite chair. There I sat and watched as the Diamondbacks played long ball with the San Diego Padres. It was great and I was really feeling pretty good about things. As the game ended, I got out of my chair, collected my seat cushion and turned to leave. There I was met by the steely glare of my wife. Her eyebrows were curled and she had a snarl on her face. Her arms were crossed and she impatiently tapped her foot. “And who do you think is going to clean up all of those peanut shells off of the living room floor?” I must have looked dumbfounded. In 171 games at Bank One Ballpark, I had never been asked this question. I wasn’t sure how to answer that question. Looking around the floor I noticed gum wrappers, peanut and sunflower shells, and two empty water battles strewn about my seats. I guess I somehow figured the same cleaning crew at the ballpark would take care of it. I was obviously wrong. I spent the next hour on my hands and knees with the dustbuster trying to clean things up. Life is so much easier during a homestand.

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