Birthday Bubba

Three years ago today, I was sitting in a hospital, my arm in a brace at a 90 degree angle after my third reconstructive surgery on my pitching arm. I was not in the hospital for me though. Instead, I was there with Trina as she gave birth to my son Dakota. Seeing my son born was one of the greatest experiences of my life even if the doctor did use my arm as a staging area for towels and instruments. Now Dakota, or Bubba as he is known to his friends and siblings is having a birthday. He is pretty jazzed about having all of this attention. As the day was approaching, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. Without a second of hesitation he exclaimed that he would like an Arizona Diamondbacks jersey. How could a father not give in to such a brilliant child? As he opened his presents, each of them built joy in his face. He would be all decked out for the next home game. First he got a new Diamondbacks hat, a couple of Diamondbacks shirts and shorts, and a skateboard (it was Hot Wheels. I can’t believe the Diamondbacks have not licensed their logo to put on a skateboard!) Finally, he opened his jersey. He had to immediately change clothes to put on his new jersey. There he stood with his hat, jersey, shorts, and new shoes atop his skateboard. Bubba was definitely a stylin’ dude. There is nothing quite like a father and his son enjoying a special moment like a birthday or a ballgame.

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