Diamondbacks versus G.I. Joe

The Diamondbacks played their final game of the series with the San Diego Padres this afternoon. The Padres were celebrating opening day with the military and as such, they wore special jersey’s for today’s game. Their shirts were camouflaged with greens and browns. They looked like a convention of Ducks Unlimited members. I kept waiting for them to march in formation to and from the dugout. I have never seen anything quite like these uniforms. I thought I had seen it all when the Diamondbacks held their turn-ahead the clock night when the uniforms were inspired by the Jetsons on drugs. I truly believe that Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth probably are rolling over in their graves just thinking about how the game has been taken over by the marketing department. What ever happened to the time when a family could go to a game, get in and get fed and watch baseball. Instead, the ballpark has become some kind of amusement park. The stadiums and the uniforms are in some cases more entertaining than the teams on the field.

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