Half the Fun is Getting There

With the Diamondbacks gone on a nine game road trip, I had some time to spend with the family. I had anticipated a relaxing week at home but plans soon changed. Mallorie’s middle school band was scheduled to play in a festival in Fullerton California and we decided as a family that we would go over and watch her perform and spend a few days there on vacation. I have come to the conclusion that it is physically impossible for a family of seven to make a spontaneous decision. Taking this family on vacation takes planning very similar to a military invasion. First, Ashley and Dog Dot Com were staying home for track meets, work, and the chewing of lucky hats and other non-food items. Mallorie left last evening with the band and we would meet her there. This left Trina, Tiffany, Whitney, Dakota, and myself. I had thought packing for a subset would be easier, I was mistaken. The first pass had each child with two suitcases for a four day excursion. This was unacceptable and required we start from scratch. Needless to say, it took us four tries before I was able to whittle down the belongings to two suitcases for the family. Once that was done, we packed the car and began our journey. I had hoped to be on the road by 9:00 AM but looking back I realize I was being delusional. At 11:00 AM we pulled out of the driveway to hit the road. Before I even made it to the freeway ramp I heard an all to familiar cry from the back seat, “I have to go potty!” After a 20 minute bathroom break, we were finally on the road. With my calculations I determined that at this rate I should arrive in Anaheim sometime next Thursday. One positive of this delay was that I was able to listen to the Diamondbacks game against the Chicago Cubs for part of the trip. Of course I lost the signal at about the sixth inning so I would not know who won the game until late that evening. After six hours driving, six potty breaks, two meal breaks, and countless cries of “Dakota is touching me!”, we finally arrived. What a day!

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