Missing My Mojo

With the demise of the lucky hat, I was extremely nervous about tonight’s game. I had a very bad feeling and now I know why. We usually bring the hat to every game (at least we did after the no hitter last season). This marked the first time the lucky hat had not been in attendance. I sat there in my seat waiting for the game to begin. I felt much the same way a death row inmate does knowing the electric chair is only 90 feet away. Omar Daal pitched which usually means that it will be a fast and well pitched game. I could not have been more wrong. In the first inning I watched as he allowed 5 runs and faced 10 batters. The second inning did not get much better as he hit Jeff Cirillo in the back which cleared both benches and both bullpens. Luckily no punches were thrown although I think the Diamondback would have had the advantage since Matt Mantei is still on the disabled list but he was in the bullpen giving us a man advantage in the fight. When the smoke finally cleared and the roof began to close the scoreboard told the whole story. We lost 9-1, our worst loss this season. I have go to find another hat before this kills us.

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