My Bullpen Buddy

Today was the first Sunday game for the Diamondbacks. It was also the first Bullpen Buddy day. Bullpen Buddies is a program whereby 75 lucky children are able to go down into the Diamondbacks bullpen before the game to meet with two players and get their autographs. The children must be 53 inches or shorter in order to participate. It just so happened that I had Dakota with me and he met these qualifications. Being the brave little kid he was, he went down by himself and met with Greg Colbrunn and Danny Klassen. I stood above the meeting and watched as Dakota shook each of their hands and had them autograph his baseball. After the meeting, he stood in the bullpen first at the pitchers mound scratching the dirt around the rubber and practicing his pitching motion. The players were very amused at him as he did his best major league impression. After a few minutes of that, he made his way to the other end to brush off the plate and take his batting stance. It was evident that he was enjoying his time on the field and felt quite at home there. Once the activity was over, the Diamondbacks gave each child a T-shirt and sent them back to be reunited with their parents. It was a day Dakota will not forget. All during the game and on the way home he recounted the fun he had with the players.

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