Open Sesame!

As Easter Sunday rolled around, the family did the standard egg hunt where the kids accumulated plastic eggs filled with candy. The Easter Bunny was especially gracious this year and replaced my worn out basket with a new Arizona Diamondbacks baseball hat filled with candy. Dakota likewise got a new hat and we decided these hats must be tested in a game situation so off to the game we went. Before the game, Dakota was once again chosen to be a bullpen buddies and went down into the bullpen where he met Matt Mantei. Tiffany will be so jealous since Mantei is by far her favorite player. After his on field experiences, Dakota and I went up to the third level to look around. While there, we saw the Roof Control Room above Friday’s Front Row grill. As an avid fan, I was of course curious what was in this room. As we were standing there, we were invited to come in for a tour. It was amazing. There I stood, six feet away from the big green button that opened the roof. I was like a small child asking hundreds of questions as I gathered data on how the roof operated, how it was monitored, and the decision making process that goes into opening the roof. The weather today was to hot to open the roof but I was given the opportunity to open the panel doors on the side of the stadium. I cannot believe how cool that was. No one is ever going to believe it when I tell them. This experience ranks up there with some of the best I have had at the ballpark. Dakota was extremely impressed.

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