Stickers and Scorebooks

For most fans, the second game of the season is always a let down. After all the festivities surrounding opening day, there is usually nothing planned for game 2. Around baseball, attendance has been down after opening day and so it was for the Diamondbacks as well. There were empty seats everywhere, except for around me. I was packed in like a sardine. Tonight I had Whitney with me. She usually goes to only a handful of games during the season and now she has not missed a game. Of course it helped when Trina packed sticker books for her to do when the game got boring. My definition of boring and Whitney’s definition seem to differ. She had the stickers out during the national anthem. After getting her a Lil’ Diamondbacks kids meal, she was satisfied for about half an inning. It was at this time that she took interest in keeping score. I spent the rest of the game sitting beside my six year old and teaching her the finer points of scorekeeping. We had great fun and she worked on her math skills. By the end of the game, she was keeping the score book and I was relegated to playing with the stickers.

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