Streaming Diamondbacks

One of the great things about working in the computer industry is that you get to play with new technologies as they arrive. Sometimes you can even justify doing something fun while calling it work. That was the case today. We are working on implementing streaming video throughout the company but of course it needs to be tested before we move it to production. What better way to test this capability than to broadcast the Arizona Diamondbacks games across the Intranet directly to our desktop. To accomplish this, we always send one team member home to set his computer next to his television to encode the telecast. It is then broadcast from his computer across the network to a server which sends it to all of our desktops. In this way, I can continue to work and still keep an eye on the game. This is the ultimate usage of time and bandwidth. I cannot believe someone is not doing this on the Internet for all of the Major League Baseball games. This would open up whole new demographic and give access to those fans who do not have cable television or a satellite dish. Sometimes I think baseball is well behind the curve when it comes to taking advantage of new technology and marketing tools.

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