Survival Shopping

With the Diamondbacks opening day less than two days away, it is now starting to get serious. While the Diamondbacks are in Las Vegas to play their last spring training game against the Oakland Athletics, I am out getting my yearly supplies. When baseball season starts, there will be little time for me to do much shopping so on the weekend before the season, I am doing my survival shopping. I start off going to Sam’s Club to pick up the 25 pound bag of salted peanuts. That should about last me the entire season. While I am there, I pick up 81 water bottles, one for each game in the regular season. I also picked up 24 boxes of fruit roll ups for when Whitney goes with me, 196 wet wipes for when I take Dakota, 32 AA batteries for when Tiffany takes the GameBoy to the games, 15 pounds of peanut M&Ms for when Trina goes, 12 pounds of gummy bears for Mallorie, and 24 packages of gum for Ashley. Once the food shopping was completed, I made my way to the Sports Authority to pick up 4 regulation scorebooks for keeping score. That should be enough pages for the entire year if we only play 18 extra inning games. I also picked up 3 sets of shoe laces, 2 baseballs for the kids to get autographed at the games, and 2 sets of Sharpie markers. When complete, I went home and cleared room in the pantry for my stash. I then wrapped the food in police tape with a note threatening the kids that these supplies had to last us until October 2. I think that I am about ready for opening day to begin. I will just wait patiently for Tuesday to arrive.

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