The Empire Strikes Back

This baseball season is taking on all of the signs of a George Lucas film. Our heroes, the Diamondbacks, soundly defeat the baseball empire winning the National League West in their second season. Now, it seems everyone is gunning for the Diamondbacks in one form or another. First, the emperor Bud Selig is trying to force the Diamondbacks to embrace the dark side and move to the American League. Young Luke Colangelo is fighting to maintain his Jedi presence in the National League. Nothing good can come from a game in which the pitcher does not bat. We do not need nor appreciate the DH (Darth Hitter). The other owners, jealous of the sudden success young Skywalker is having on his desert planet of Arizona are working hard to bring the Diamondbacks under control of the evil empire. All of the senators met together today in hopes of focusing on world domination or in layman’s terms, realignment. All that was lacking from the presentation that baseball made to the owners was Peter Magowan owner of the San Francisco Giants stating the classic movie line, “Jerry, I am your father. Come to the dark side and the two of us will overpower the emperor and rule the universe!” The parallels between Star Wars and baseball are uncanny. First, this saga, like the Star Wars universe, is far from over. Second, it is amazing how much an owner’s meeting resembles the canteen scene on Tatooine.

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