What a Difference a Kid Makes

It is always fascinating how different each of the kids deal with going to the game. Tiffany who I brought last night, spent her time before the game hanging out at the field fence calling the players over for autographs. She is very successful at this and usually gets her ball or baseball card signed. It is great that the players take time out of their schedule to stop and sign autographs for the kids. Tiffany has one ball that she is trying to get all of the team to autograph over the course of the year. She is already off to a good start with four players so far. Tonight, I have Mallorie with me. Tiffany has given Mallorie instructions to try and get a Greg Swindell autograph. Mallorie though is not interested at all with having the players sign for her sister. She is much more interested in the social aspects of the game. We had to be at the park early so that she could get the One Card promotional giveaway. Once that task was completed, she was interested in going to the team shop to see if there was something new for her to buy. The remainder of the game was spent networking with her various friends who were also at the game. Somewhere in there, she would watch a couple of innings. Regardless of their reasons, it is great to spend time with each of the kids one-on-one.

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