What’s My Number?

Of all the children, Tiffany is by far and away my biggest baseball fan. Last year, she and I attended approximately 35 games. At each one, she would analyze the game and the players. I spent countless innings explaining things such as pitch count, how the batter tells if the pitcher is throwing a fastball or a breaking ball, and the finer art of scorekeeping. For her birthday last year, all she wanted was a Diamondbacks jersey and a scorebook. I of course obliged trying hard to nurture her interest in baseball. Given all the games she has gone to, she has gotten to know a lot about the Diamondbacks. Tonight, she proved herself to those sitting around us. Armando Reynoso was pitching which meant we had a lot of time to talk. His deliberate delivery gave us an opportunity to play a few games. The first game, I would say a uniform number and Tiffany would have to tell me who the Diamondback play was who wore it. She did very well and even surprised me when she told me which player wore that jersey number in previous years. Once that game was over, we reversed it naming names and having to call out uniform numbers. By the third or fourth inning, we had all the people around us playing along. After the seventh inning stretch, Tiffany made the game tougher. Starting with the number one, you had to put all the players in order of the uniform numbers. I have to admit, she stumped half the section with that game. When it comes to baseball information, Tiffany is a sponge.

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