Posts made in May, 2000

Triple the Fun

There are times in baseball where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. When it comes to the Diamondbacks, I have had my share of those moments. Whether it be seeing Devon White hit the first Diamondbacks home run into the pool or Yamil Benitez hit a ball off the roof, or Jay Bell hitting a grand slam to win a fan a million dollars, or even seeing Jose Jimenez pitch a no-hitter against Randy Johnson; I have been there. All...

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The Circus Continues

All that we are missing is some elephants and a couple dozen clowns and I would swear I had stumbled into the Ringling Brothers Circus rather than a Diamondbacks game. Before the gates even opened, several thousand people were milling around the plaza waiting to get inside Bank One Ballpark. As 5:00 approached, people began rushing to the turnstiles crowding around. The poor ushers were left trying to manage the hoard of people as they shoved...

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Want Some Fries with that Big Mac?

Well, it started, the one series that any diehard baseball fan dreads. Mark McGwire and the St. Louis Cardinals have come to town for a four game series. It is not that I don’t want to see Big Mac and his offensive power at the ballpark, on the contrary, I enjoy watching him belt balls around the outfield. The problem comes from the fact that everybody and their dog has to come and watch. Most of these people will never set foot within...

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Bullpens, Bubbas, and Ballgames

It has become a weekly ritual when the Diamondbacks are in town. Trina and the girls will go to church while Dakota and I head to the ballpark. I am sure that at some plane of consciousness, I could be perceived as choosing baseball over God. There are probably even some out there that could construe this to mean that baseball is a God in my mind therefore presuming I am somehow breaking the commandment of having no other God before Me. I tend...

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Have Shirt, Won’t Party

For each home game, the Arizona Diamondbacks in conjunction with Miller Beer sponsor a designated driver program. For those who volunteer to be the designated driver for their party, the Diamondbacks will give you a coupon for a free medium soft drink. Since I do not drink, I volunteer before every game. During the third inning, one lucky fan is selected from the designated driver program to be the driver of the game. They are given a T-shirt...

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Surfs Up Big Kahauna

Randy Johnson pitching at home and Miller Lite Beach Party Night. This is probably the oddest combination of events that I have ever seen. On one hand you have the most intense and psycho pitcher in the game today. On the other hand, you have a night that celebrates the laid back surfing culture of southern California. The only thing more bizarre would be to see Randy sporting a Hawaiian shirt and thongs on the pitching mound. This is one of...

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Thar She Blows!

Ah, my arch nemesis has returned bringing with him a swagger knowing he has bested me in the past. The white whale is again patrolling third base. He stands as a mountain with his head tightly wedged upon his bald head. Seeing him during batting practice I again attempt to get a picture of him sans cap. It has become a game between the two of us. Each time he reaches up to remove the sweat from his brow, the camera comes to my eye. He can sense...

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My Wife, the Fan

After four painful days of caring for the kids solo, I was finally relieved of duty when Trina returned home. It is hard to tell who was more excited, me or the children. I am sure this amount of concentration of dad is not healthy especially for small children. Trina has had her own personal trials in the past few days as she was forced to sleep in a cabin with 16 teenage girls and countless numbers of bugs wanting to share a sleeping bag or...

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Hit Me

This is a day I have both anticipated and approached with a sense of dread. On the one hand, the Diamondbacks are back in town after an extended road trip that saw me handcuffed to the house with a never ending list of “honey do’s”. I feel much like a convict being released from prison after a reprieve from the governor. My excitement was tempered by the fact that Trina is still gone meaning that I have in my possession three...

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