Today marked the end of our vacation and we had to head back to Phoenix and reality, school, and work. Before leaving California, we again went back to Disneyland for one last trip around the Magic Kingdom. Each child rode their favorite ride one last time and picked out a souvenir to remember their trip. It was once again a full morning packing up this troop and getting them corralled into the car. I was also once again greeted with the now common sound of Dakota announcing, “I gotta go potty!” After a quick stop at Target for a bathroom break and six Icee drinks, we started on our trip home. I had not gotten more than 10 miles down the freeway when the family decided they were hungry and needed some food or they would all die. Trying to reach consensus between a teenager, two elementary school age kids and a toddler not to mention two adults is challenging at best. After fierce negotiations, back seat payoffs and promises to clean their rooms for the rest of the month, it was decided that we would go to Jack in the Box. Trina and I ran in for food while the kids battled for personal space in the back of the Suburban. I stood in line for food (a skill I have perfected in the past four days). Behind me was a family obviously not from this area since they spoke no English whatsoever. I smiled at the little girl behind me as I waited for the cashier to determine how to enter a special order of extra pickles on a hamburger. The girl smiled back and then began to relieve her bladder on the floor and my shoes. This was not a behavior I am used to and I must admit it freaked me out just a little. The parents seemed to think this was a normal occurrence and stood and watched. I was unaware of the amount of liquid a small child could hold and came away educated. Needless to say, we quickly ordered and left town as soon as possible.

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