With the completion of last night’s game, the Diamondbacks now leave on a nine game road trip. That means I won’t be back at Bank One Ballpark for another 12 days, 22 hours, 47 minutes and 13 seconds. Usually I can pass the time by watching the away games on television but today is an off day for the Diamondbacks meaning there is no game to see. I sat on the couch, my remote in my hand flipping through the channels trying desperately to find some baseball game. At this point, I would even settle for a replay of a 1973 little league game. As I was channel surfing, I paused to rest my index finger and sip my Gatorade. There on the screen was an African lion who had just awoke from a tranquilizer dart to find himself in a small cage surrounded by six zookeepers intently watching how he was handling his captivity. I came to the realization that art does indeed imitate life as I looked around to find my own personal zookeepers watching as I paced back and forth perusing the satellite guide trying to find a baseball game. The children whispered among themselves that perhaps they should call the Discovery Channel and see where they could get some of those lion darts. I tried to ignore them as I looked at my watch. Only 12 days, 22 hours, 45 minutes and 37 seconds until the gates at BOB open.

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