Attack of the Killer Ladder

I’m beginning to think that Murphy was some kind of misunderstood genius. How else can you explain how he is always right? It has been only 24 hours since Trina, Ashley, and Mallorie have left and we already have casualties. This morning, Dakota was messing around with Tiffany on the bunk bed and was coming down the ladder at a rate faster than is recommended. Somewhere halfway down, Dakota came to the illconceived conclusion that he could fly. He jumped off the ladder and planted his foot squarely on top of Mr. Potatohead. Normally, a spud would give way under the weight of a falling boy but this was some sort of super potato. Instead of crushing like every other toy that Dakota owns, this plastic tuber decided to flex its Taiwanese muscle and stand up to the abuse of a three year old. Dakota twisted his foot and fell to the ground crying. I went up and did my best impression of the mother comforting him and looking over the damage. The room looked as if a bomb exploded. Carnage was everywhere. In the corner sat the remains of some sort of Barbie mass murder. Arms and legs were detached, one poor doll was even tied to a Hot Wheels track where numerous cars had attempted to jump her like the Grand Canyon. How could one little boy cause this much destruction? All of this meant nothing at this point though. Dakota was obviously hurt since this was the longest period of time in his short life that he stayed in one place. I looked over his foot and it appeared he could move it. I am guessing he sprained it. All that really means is that we can limit the damage path of a Category 5 Dakota to a local area. I’m sure Trina is going to kill me when she gets home. Maybe I should jump on Mr. Potatohead myself. I’m sure she wouldn’t hit a guy with a sprained ankle.

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