Cinco de Mayo oh My

Buenos Dias beisbol entusiastas! That coupled with “Esta es las historia de los thres osos” (this is the history of the three bears) are the two phrases I remember most from high school Spanish. My theory is that if you have a firm grasp of these two sentences, people will assume you are fluent in Spanish and you can fake your way through everything else. So far in my life, this theory has worked so I am sticking with it. Armed with my vast Spanish vocabulary, I headed down to the ballpark to partake in the teams Cinco de Mayo festivities. Not wanting to stand out in the crowd, I wore my best Taco Bell Chihuahua t-shirt and a sombrero. I had thought of dressing like a gaucho but I figured that would be a little over the top. I was correct in this assessment as I was the only one at the game in costume other than the ballpark musicians. The fans sitting behind me were none to thrilled at having to watch the game from behind a big hat either. The one good thing to come out of this was that the entire section was shaded from the field lights and if there were rain from inside the stadium, they would remain dry. I would have thought they would be grateful for my thoughtfulness but instead all I got were negative comments and dirty looks. Of course these are the same people who complain on Disco Night when I have on my huge afro wig. I swear, there is no pleasing these people. Regardless of their comments, I was again at the game and el unidad grande was on the mound. In closing, I leave you with the immortal words of Chico Escuela, “beisbol has been berry berry good to me.”

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