Dog Dot Com Versus Laser Man

I have come to the conclusion that I am the owner of the world’s dumbest dog. You would think I would learn my lesson. This is the third Basset Hound I have owned and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Basset’s are the dumbest breed in the canine family. Granted, they are loveable and cute in a goofy sort of way. Who couldn’t help but laugh at those huge feet and long ears. My theory is that in heaven, God was giving away gifts to each of the animals, the Basset somehow got in the ears line twice and missed the brains line completely. This point was proven tonight. Mallorie came home from the store with one of those laser pointers that shine the red light. I am not sure why she bought one of those other than she plans to take it to girls camp to use to initiate the new campers in the snipe hunt. She took the pointer out of the package to test it out. She shined the light on the floor on the living room and Dog Dot Com went nuts. She began chasing the light around the house barking at it and trying to bite it. Mallorie kept flashing the light around making the dog crazy. She would shine it on the wall and Dottie would run head first into the wall to attack the light. If we shined the light on the ceiling, Dottie would sit there and howl at it because she couldn’t get to it. I finally had to put the light away because she was going nuts. Even after we stopped, she would get her nose down to the floor and try to get the light’s scent to try and track it. This dog is such a flake.

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