Hats Not Fair

After being gone for five days, I was again faced with what seems an impossible task. As we arrived home last night, Tiffany reminded me that the Diamondbacks would be returning home on Friday and we still did not have a replacement for the lucky hat. I struggled with the thoughts of going out and looking for another bright orange hat. It was at this point that I decided my best bet would be to shop via the Internet for a new lucky hat. I tried several of the standard sporting goods on-line e-businesses but I did not meet with much success. The Internet search engines provided little or no help. In fact, google.com sent me to NowHitting.com and this page where I talked about my lack of success in finding a hat. For all of the power the Internet provides, there are times when you have to take the results with a grain of salt. I did find a phone made from a batting helmet and a lamp, both of which I added to my father’s day wish list but I was unsuccessful in finding an orange hat. I even went to the Kit dye web site for instructions for coloring a white hat orange but quickly realized that would also color the logo. I stopped by three shopping malls and even went to a store that custom makes hats to ask if they could create one. I was told they could if I could get written approval from Major League Baseball to use the logo. I thought seriously of writing a letter to the commissioner for get this approval until the hat salesman explained that his minimum order for these hats would be four dozen. I realize that Dog Dot Com may indeed chew this new hat when we finally get it, but if she chews 47 hats she will definitely be looking for a new home. I have not yet given up, there must be something out there and available. Maybe I should check out e-bay.

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