Have Shirt, Won’t Party

For each home game, the Arizona Diamondbacks in conjunction with Miller Beer sponsor a designated driver program. For those who volunteer to be the designated driver for their party, the Diamondbacks will give you a coupon for a free medium soft drink. Since I do not drink, I volunteer before every game. During the third inning, one lucky fan is selected from the designated driver program to be the driver of the game. They are given a T-shirt and shown on JumboTron. In my wildest dreams, I never anticipated being chosen. I was just happy to get a free pop. But today, as I sat there keeping score with Whitney, I was told I was the designated driver of the game. So in the third inning, I stood there with my picture and name on the scoreboard waving to a cheering crowd of 37,777 baseball fans most of which were on the opposite end of the sobriety scale. Whitney was very excited since she got to see herself up on the screen waving her arm frantically. It doesn’t get much better than that for a Saturday afternoon.

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