Hit Me

This is a day I have both anticipated and approached with a sense of dread. On the one hand, the Diamondbacks are back in town after an extended road trip that saw me handcuffed to the house with a never ending list of “honey do’s”. I feel much like a convict being released from prison after a reprieve from the governor. My excitement was tempered by the fact that Trina is still gone meaning that I have in my possession three small children in transit to Bank One Ballpark. Tiffany who is nearly 10 is a big help getting things together so that we may leave. I am not sure what I would do without her. Whitney is more worried about packing a “to-do” bag. A “to-do” bag for a ballgame? The thoughts of such a thing are beyond my reality. Dakota when he is not attacking Dog Dot Com is undoing everything that Tiffany and I are working on. Miraculously, we finally leave the house to head downtown. I had gone no more than a mile when Whitney became hysterical that she forgot to staple her homemade coloring book. We could go no further until we stopped at a store and picked up a stapler. With no time to spare, we rushed down to the ballpark to be there when the gates opened. I was very interested in whether Matt Williams would be activated and didn’t want to miss batting practice. I was curious how his swing looked and whether he still had his timing after an extended lay off. My question was quickly answered as we stood near the bullpen to watch him take batting practice. In just his second swing, he turned on a ball that looked like it might be coming our way. That turned out to be the understatement of the new millennium. The ball made a beeline to the children and I rushed to move them out of the way. I was partially successful as the ball hit Tiffany in the hand and ricocheted three sections over. Her right ring finger immediately began to swell and turn blue. The security guards and emergency medical technicians (EMT) were great. They rushed over to check on her. Jeff Motuzas, the bullpen catcher came over to see how she was doing and gave her a ball. I think that Tiffany was more excited when the EMT gave her the ice bag but she thanked them both. We spent the rest of the night enjoying the game while I tried to think of a story to tell Trina. Between Dakota thinking he could fly off the bunk bed and Tiffany catching a foul ball off her hand, I would have some serious explaining to do.

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