Jersey Turnpike

As part of Opening Day, I had stopped by the Team Shot at Bank One Ballpark and picked up a few things. One of the items I had bought was an authentic purple jersey. I had long planned to get one of these jerseys and have it personalized with my name and number on the back but had never gotten around to it. Now I had the jersey but it was blank on the back. This was a situation that I took care of today. After a dentist’s appointment that made me in a less than joyful mood, I decided to take a walk over to the team shop and see what was new. Nothing quite lifts your spirits like seeing what’s new with a Diamondbacks logo attached to it. While I was in there, I began talking to one of the salesmen which was quite a feat given my mouth was dead and I continued to drool. He stated that they could have my jersey personalized and returned before all-star break. He was very helpful. I am not sure whether I was getting this type of service because I was a season ticket holder or whether he felt sorry for me in my condition or even if this was his way of helping the handicapped. Regardless, I was grateful for his help and feeling time was of the essence, I gave him my jersey and had him send it off. Even now my spirits had been lifted. Today might not be as bad as I had thought after all. Feeling pretty lucky, I decided to go for broke and asked if they had any orange Diamondbacks hats. Regretfully, he shook his head and I left once again without a hat but with a jersey on order.

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