Jolly Green Thumb Giant

Even the best laid plans are not successful. This was the case with my perfect shopping trip yesterday. I was so proud of myself for getting Trina a Diamondbacks hat at the team shop that I could hardly contain myself. You can imagine how amazed I was to hear that she didn’t even list black Diamondbacks hat as one of the gifts she would like to see on Mother’s Day. Luckily, I got the hat in a size that would fit me just in case this would happen. (Again, I cannot believe how well planned out this gift idea was.) At the top of Trina’s list was flowers and plants for her flower bed in front.

I learned long ago that bigger is better when it comes to gift giving. In most cases, you can overcome poor quality gift ideas by overwhelming the recipient with quantity. After all, if I give her 10 gifts, my odds of getting her something she would actually like are greater than if I gave her a single wrong gift. As Trina was giving out the ideas of what to give her, I’m afraid my thoughts were elsewhere. Trina has a perfect voice. Her pitch is nearly equal to that of a ball hitting the sweet spot of a bat. In fact, I often times find my thoughts drifting to baseball when she begins to talk. I have learned over the years to casually nod my head so that it almost looks like I am still listening. When I tuned back in, all I heard was “plants”. I grabbed my hat and my keys and headed to the door. I made a bee-line to the local nursery and grabbed a cart. Before I was done, I had filled two carts with a few items being dragged behind. Somewhere within this array of plants there has to be something that Trina would like. Besides, if I give her enough flowers, it will keep her occupied at least until All-Star break.

I came home quite proud of myself and blindfolded Trina and took her to the car to see what I had done. I had anticipated a hug, a kiss, maybe even a tear of joy. Instead, I got a hose, a shovel, and a rake. Somehow, my gift was misconstrued into an invitation for work. This had really backfired. I spent the remainder of the day on my hands and knees as I planted 91 vinca plants, 5 purple bushes, 3 rose bushes, and 5 red hibiscus plants. By the end of the evening, I was to tired to even watch the game. Well, I wasn’t quite that tired but I WAS to tired to do the dinner dishes. Note to self, next year give her tickets to an away game. If she makes me go, I will at least enjoy myself.

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