Media Guide Mayhem

After months of unsuccessful searching for information about the Arizona Diamondbacks draft picks for 1997, I uncovered a plethora of data about the team. Given the magnitude of this discovery, I felt like Indiana Jones. All that was missing was some cool background music, a fedora hat, a bullwhip, and a few hundred Nazi soldiers. The source of my new found knowledge was the Arizona Diamondbacks 2000 Media Guide. This book has changed my life. A couple of days ago, I was given the book by Bob Crawford, the Media Relations Manager. Mr. Crawford has been a lifesaver. I have not put this book down since the day I received it. How the media guide has not made the New York Times best seller list escapes me. Within the confines of its cover I have found fountains of information about the players and the team. I used to believe that the sports media personalities were the most intelligent and knowledgeable people in the world. How else would they know that Matt Williams was using a Louisville Slugger model T141c that is 34.5 inches long and weights 32 ounces? Well, it seems all they did was turn to page 149 and read it word for word. Needless to say that my admiration of television color commentators has been reduced while I have become increasingly impressed with the media department of the Diamondbacks. I now have enough information to keep me in heaven until the end of the season. I am not sure there is a subscription for this book but I am going to find out. Now where was I? Oh yeah, “Andrew Junipero (Andy) Fox … he and his wife, Stefanie, are the owners of a pair of dachshunds, Super Joe (named after former NFL quarterback Joe Montana) and Six…”

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