Mother’s Day Shopping

With the Diamondbacks out of town, I need to find something to pass the time until they return home. At first I thought about working around the house but quickly talked myself out of that. There’s no reason to completely lose my head. I was standing at the calendar, rechecking the number of days until the next Diamondbacks game (hey, it is possible that I might have miscounted. Dang! I was right the first time!) when I suddenly realized that mother’s day was only two days away. This was perfect, I could easily kill a few days shopping for the perfect gift for Trina. With a new purpose in life, I grabbed my Diamondbacks hat, an AM radio so that I could keep up with the Diamondbacks and Padres game, and my keys and headed out the door. As with most men, I headed directly to the mall. I determined that this location had the largest concentration of stores so that even if I couldn’t find something at the first shop, chances were that I wouldn’t have to drive very far to find something. I really had no idea what to get Trina so I did what I do best, I wandered around. By about the fourth inning, I was getting pretty tired then it hit me. The Team Shop. What woman wouldn’t want something from the Team Shop? This was perfect. I could pick her up a new Diamondbacks hat and be able to catch the end of the game. Sometimes I amaze myself at the ideas I come up with.

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