My Wife, the Fan

After four painful days of caring for the kids solo, I was finally relieved of duty when Trina returned home. It is hard to tell who was more excited, me or the children. I am sure this amount of concentration of dad is not healthy especially for small children. Trina has had her own personal trials in the past few days as she was forced to sleep in a cabin with 16 teenage girls and countless numbers of bugs wanting to share a sleeping bag or cabin. It was clear that she was exhausted so I did the best thing I could for her, I took her to the ball game. I mean what more relaxing place is there in the world than a baseball game, especially an Arizona Diamondbacks game. With the Pittsburgh Pirates in town, there would be a smaller crowd so she could sprawl out and relax. Unfortunately, this plan worked to perfection. By the third inning, she was asleep in the seat next to me. Being the caring husband that I am, I woke her for each double play, great catch, or Diamondbacks base hit. She got extremely excited in the seventh inning when the Diamondbacks scored a run to tie the game at 3-3. I was pretty proud of her until I stopped to hear what she was yelling. She was looking for anyone to score just to make sure that we did not go into extra innings. That didn’t sound like team loyalty at all. I am beginning to wonder whether she even wanted to go to the game tonight? What am I saying, of course she wanted to go. Who would pass up a chance to go to a Diamondbacks game to stay home and sleep?

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