It’s funny how pieces of your childhood tend to carry forward into your adult life. As a young boy, I had the opportunity to play baseball for several traveling all-star teams. Before each tournament, the coach would give each of us 15-20 pins. We used these pins to trade with other athletes from other areas of the country. It was always cool to receive a pin that you could put on your baseball cap to show the various parts of the country where you had played. As each tournament ended, I would take the pins home and place them in a drawer. When I got more than a few, the jar gave way to a pin board. As the pin board filled, I moved my collection to a book. Through the years, I have continued to collect and trade pins. As my love for baseball continued, I began to pick up pins from different teams from the National and American leagues. When the Diamondbacks began, they introduced several pins that commemorate the history of the team. I find that before each home game, I will walk through the team shop and see if they have any new pins. Today I stopped by and found that there were three new pins for the Diamondbacks that I did not have. I immediately picked them up to add to my collection. It is pretty cool to look back and be able to relive memories that bridge the gap from my childhood through my adult life.

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