Skin Me

New technology always fascinates me. I am intrigued at the new ideas and products that come out and I am always trying to determine how I can take advantage of these new toys to make my life different. Notice I said different and not better. One of my personality traits is that I thrive on change. My theory is that different is better than same. Perhaps that is why I am such a non-conformist. I would rather rock the boat than sit around and enjoy a smooth ride.

One of the new technologies I have been playing with is streaming audio. Using the RealPlayer and also Microsoft Windows Media player, I have been pushing the envelope with regards to music encapsulation. Once the music or sounds have been digitized, I began to modify them. I soon became bored with the look and feel of the RealJukeBox product and my aesthetic nature took over. Armed with PhotoShop and a few hours in the middle of the night, I created a new interface or “skin” for RealJukeBox. Begin the Diamondbacks fan that I am, I of course created a Diamondbacks skin using the team’s colors. With the liquid crystal display, the faded baseball in the background and the teal and purple buttons, I can now enjoy my sound reproduction while keeping my mind on baseball. If I get a chance, I will upload the skin and make it available for everyone. It is interesting how excited something as simple as a few bitmaps can be. I have got to get a life. Oh wait, there’s a game tonight, I do have a life.

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