Thar She Blows!

Ah, my arch nemesis has returned bringing with him a swagger knowing he has bested me in the past. The white whale is again patrolling third base. He stands as a mountain with his head tightly wedged upon his bald head. Seeing him during batting practice I again attempt to get a picture of him sans cap. It has become a game between the two of us. Each time he reaches up to remove the sweat from his brow, the camera comes to my eye. He can sense my presence much like Darth Vader senses Luke Skywalker. I pray that I do not encounter the beast to find him proclaim he is my father and that we will rule the bald universe together. That would be just to creepy. I am further frustrated as I look back at the potential possibilities I have missed in my quest to get a picture of Matt Williams without his hat. There was the day at the Phoenix Open when he snubbed me. There was the Scottsdale parade that I missed due to other commitments. There was Fuji Film Fan Photo Day when I could not talk him into taking off the hat. And who could forget the cover of the Diamondbacks magazine which had him on the cover without a hat. Alas and confound the beast. He is clearly mocking me now. I shall not rest until I have completed my vision quest. It’s funny, this started off as a time saving device. I thought if I could get a picture of Matt without his hat, it would save me a few minutes when it came time create his Chia head. Instead, I have spent a factor of 10 more time in trying to get this picture. It has become a matter of principle and I will continue my search for the holy grail, the scalp of Matt Williams.

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