Time Keeps On Slippin

The Diamondbacks have been out of town for eleven days now. It is usually at this point that it is the most unbearable. I can see on the calendar that there is a game tomorrow and yet it seems so far away. As a child, I remember the fourth of July always seemed like the longest day of the year as we waited for the sun to go down to shoot off all the illegal fireworks we brought back from Wyoming. Thinking back, that day was merely a moment in time compared to how long the wait is for the next home game. The entire concept of time is relative. On one hand, it seems like Trina’s brithday comes nearly every month and yet the distance between the end of the season and spring training feels like an eternity. I’ve also noticed that as I grow older, time becomes shorter. As a young boy, Christmas would never arrive and yet now I find that I barely finish cleaning up the wrapping paper before Christmas is again upon us. Regardless of this information, the fact remains, the clock stands still when the Diamondbacks are out of town. I have attempted to set the clock ahead to see if that helps but all that seems to do is make me really early to appointments. I am still left with the same dilemma, the gates at Bank One Ballpark still do not open until 5:00 PM on May 5, 2000. My only consolation is that Arizona does not adhere to Daylight Savings Time. If they did, the gates to BOB would open an hour later, like that is of benefit to anyone.

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