Triple the Fun

There are times in baseball where you just happen to be in the right place at the right time. When it comes to the Diamondbacks, I have had my share of those moments. Whether it be seeing Devon White hit the first Diamondbacks home run into the pool or Yamil Benitez hit a ball off the roof, or Jay Bell hitting a grand slam to win a fan a million dollars, or even seeing Jose Jimenez pitch a no-hitter against Randy Johnson; I have been there. All of these things paled when compared to what I witnessed tonight. The drama behind the Big Unit versus Big Mac was enormous and it lived up to its billing as a match-up of the ages. The most dominating pitcher versus the hitting machine. The match-up consisted of four rounds, each having its share of drama. In round 1, Randy struck out McGwire with such force that we could feel the wind from the bat all the way to third base. Round 2, McGwire was frozen by a Randy Johnson slider taking strike 3 called. Round 4 saw Randy give up McGwire’s twenty-first home run of the season, a towering ball to left center that went 422 feet out and 120 feet up. Round 3 though will be the one that I will cherish most.

In the fifth inning with the bases loaded and no outs, Mark McGwire walked to the plate confident that he could give the Cardinals the lead. Randy was obviously in trouble and only a miracle could save him. Then it happened, McGwire hit a ball to center field that nearly hit the roof. Steve Finley settled under it and made the catch. Placido Polanco tagged up and rushed home. Finley threw a perfect strike to Damian Miller who tagged Polanco out. Edgar Renteria seeing the throw go to the plate attempted to go to third. Damian Miller seeing the runner, threw to third to a waiting Tony Womack who tagged out Renteria completing the first triple play in franchise history. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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