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Disco Fever

When the Diamondbacks schedule came out for the 2000 season, this was the game I was most afraid of. It was not because Ken Griffey Junior makes his Cincinnati Reds debut at Bank One Ballpark. It was not because the Reds dominated the Diamondbacks last year. No, tonight was scary because it is Disco night at the ballpark. Having grown up during that time, I know exactly what the music and clothing was like. It has taken lots of years and lots...

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It is amazing how the Arizona Diamondbacks have come to resemble a M*A*S*H unit. Each day it seems there is another player or coach that becomes hurt or unable to play. It began with Matt Williams going on the disabled list with a sore quadriceps muscle. That was followed by first base coach Dwayne Murphy having his knee operated on. This was followed by Todd Stottlemyre re-injuring his right elbow. Pitching coach Mark Conner went next being...

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Definition of a Fanatic

For one reason or another, I have been classified as a baseball fanatic. I am unclear what the reason is for this distinction but I have decided that if I am to be one, I should at least try to be the best possible fanatic I can. The first order of business is to try and define what exactly a fanatic is. I have interviewed several people at the ballpark in order to determine what the correct definition would be. What I have found is that there...

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Lima Time Out

Of all the opposing players that come to Bank One Ballpark, the one my children most look forward to is Jose Lima. Granted, seeing Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa smashing the cover off the ball with monster home runs is interesting but it is Jose Lima with his knickers, black socks, and backwards hat that bring the biggest sparkle to their eyes. His personality and antics before the game are contagious. Given this man is a major star in his own...

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Alex the Great

For the past couple of months I have been hearing rumors of the hitting prowess of a minor league player within the Diamondbacks AA affiliate El Paso Diablos. He is a seven year veteran of the minor leagues and was tearing up the Texas League hitting .382 while slugging 35 home runs in 53 games. With the injury to Todd Stottlemyre, the Diamondbacks have a roster spot open and decided to take a look at the young first baseman. I heard Cabrera...

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Dakota at the Diamond

Sunday was Dakota’s turn to go to the ball game with me. He and I go to nearly every Sunday game together. For one, it gives me a chance to spend some time with him and more importantly, it gives Trina a break from dealing with Tropical Storm Dakota. As the father of four daughters, I had always heard how little boys were different than girls. I had always nodded my head at these comments while in the back of my mind discounting the...

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Birthday Wishes

For the past three years, the Diamondbacks have played a home game on June 24 and I have been here each year with my daughter Tiffany. It has become a tradition for us to spend this day at the ballpark together. It is Tiffany’s birthday and she is ten years old. Today is an extra special day for her since the Diamondbacks also held the third annual autograph party at Bank One Ballpark. Here several of the players and coaches came together...

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Attack of the Killer Mascot

It has been an odd day and and even stranger game. Tonight was the day everyone has been talking about this week. I would have hoped it was because of the important series that was starting with the Colorado Rockies to determine who would be in first place of the National League Western Division. Instead, everyone was a buzz about what the new mascot would be and what would he look like. During batting practice, several fans were lined along...

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Who Made This Schedule?

Tonight was the final game of the series with the San Diego Padres and as it turns out, it is the final game of the season between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres. This point really irritates me. Can someone please explain to me how it is possible for the Diamondbacks to be finished for the season with the Padres and it is not even all-star break? Where in the world did we get this schedule? In my wildest dreams, I cannot...

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