What trip to Orlando Florida would be complete without a visit to Walt Disney World? I had not been to Disney World in seven years so I was interested to see what had changed. The park had grown tremendously since I was last here. There were now four parks instead of just two. There was the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney MGM Studios, and of course Epcot Center. Epcot has always been my favorite park. I don’t know whether it is the World Showcase with exhibits from around the world or Future World with its technology and promise of tomorrow. It might just be the giant geodesic ball that looks like a baseball. Whatever the case, I always enjoy seeing what Disney has in store for its guests. When we arrived, we found that the International Flower and Garden show was going on. The plants and flowers were magnificent. The other thing that I found interesting was that there were no crowds. It was a Saturday and yet we walked to the front of every line. We waited for a maximum of 5 minutes to ride every ride. This is unheard of at a Disney park and I kept thinking perhaps I had died and this was some sort of amusement park heaven. The one thing I enjoyed most was not a ride nor an attraction. Disney has begun the practice of pin trading within their properties. For those of you unfamiliar with this, let me explain. There are pin carts located around the property where you can purchase pins displaying Disney characters, movies, rides, or events. You buy these pins and wear them around. You then find others who are wearing pins and barter between collectors trading for one you like better. I started trading pins when I was on all-star teams in Little League. We would trade pins with other players from other parts of the country. Over the years my collection has grown to over 1,500 pins several are 20-30 years old. This visit my collection grew by another 200. I’m sure Trina will kill me when I get home.

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