I have always been fascinated by the production of movies and television. It is an industry that seems to be in constant change and is responsible for creating magical moments for the entertainment of the masses. Besides, they usually have enough technology to start their own third world country. Given this interest, I was obviously excited to see what was going on at the Disney MGM Studios. The park was evenly split between amusement rides and a working studio. We started at the Tower of Terror where the premise is you are entering the Twilight Zone through an old hotel. I was interested in seeing how realistic this would be and had envisioned my own theory of what the Twilight Zone would look like. I came away disillusioned. Their idea and mine were completely different. I had anticipated a world where pitchers dominated baseball and all of them hit over .300. The home run became nearly impossible to obtain and the majority of games ended in scores of 1-0 or 2-1. The Twilight Zone was further defined by the existence of a 145 pound Mark McGwire who hit for average blooping singles over the third baseman’s head. None of these visions were in the ride. The one redeeming factor of this ride was that they dropped you faster than Jose Canseco’s value in the National League. For those of you contemplating a trip to Disney MGM Studios, I would highly recommend the following: Aerosmith’s Rock and Roller-coaster, Tower of Terror, 50’s Prime Time Cafe, and the Sci-Fi Drive-in Diner. If you are there in the evening, be sure and see Fantasmic.

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