Attack of the Killer Mascot

It has been an odd day and and even stranger game. Tonight was the day everyone has been talking about this week. I would have hoped it was because of the important series that was starting with the Colorado Rockies to determine who would be in first place of the National League Western Division. Instead, everyone was a buzz about what the new mascot would be and what would he look like. During batting practice, several fans were lined along the wall near left field to perhaps get a ball or an autograph. Tonight, one fan got a little more than he bargained for. With Bernard Gilkey at the plate, this fan was not paying attention and caught a line drive right in the mouth. He immediately went into shock and the parametics came over to assist him. While they were working on him, he fainted falling backwards onto the concrete stairs on his head. It was quite a sight. After practice was over, the crowd made their way to their seats waiting for the mascot to be unveiled. The fans didn’t have to wait long as D. Baxter Bobcat made his debut just before game time. He came out, did some flips and cruised around the outfield in a modified go-cart. As the players went out onto the field for the game, Baxter rushed to the pitching mound and retrieved the ball for starter Brian Anderson. The crowd cheered but I have to wonder what will happen tomorrow if he tries that same stunt with Randy Johnson on the mound. My guess is we will witness the first mascot execution in the history of baseball. After watching the hijinx of this furry dude, I have ranked him right below the wave of things most annoying at a ball game. My only hope is that this creature leaves his antics off the field and not annoy the players or the fans. Mascots in baseball don’t seem like a good idea. Maybe it is just a concidence, but before we had a mascot, no fan had ever caught a ball in the mouth during warm-ups. I’m thinking this cat is jinxed and I for one want no part of it.

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