Baseball, the Universal Language

During my trip to Orlando, I had packed two essential items, my Diamondbacks shirt (well one for each day to be exact) and my Diamondbacks hat. I wore these each day to remind me of home and what I had to look forward to when I returned. It was interesting to see the reaction I received from people with these items. A day did not go by that I did not have at least ten people stop and talk with me about baseball and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The questions ranged from them asking if I was somehow connected to the Diamondbacks organization (I answered that the team and I were attached at the wallet) to whether I was from Arizona. The Diamondbacks logo and baseball cap transcended cultural barriers, language differences, economic divergence, and personality discrepancies. I found I had a lot in common with these other baseball fans. Whether they were telling me of their home town team or a visit they made to a Major League baseball game, the stories had one central theme. Baseball is a vital part of our society and provides a way for us to share experiences and communicate with each other. It was interesting to listen to these people and share similar memories.

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