BOB Withdrawals

A single three game home stand is very comparable to a drug dealer giving you a taste of drugs before getting you hooked. Just when you start enjoying yourself, they yank it out from under you and you are left begging for more. This is where I am at right now. After a brief weekend series with the Anaheim Angels, I am left watching the Diamondbacks on television for a week. It wouldn’t be so bad except these next two series will determine who will be leading the National League Western Division going into the All-Star break. With a four game series against the Los Angeles Dodgers and a three game series with the Colorado Rockies, the Diamondbacks could either open up a monster lead over the second and third place teams in their division or they could end up in third place before the next home stand. I find myself pacing the floor waiting for the game in Los Angeles to start. It is obvious that it is going to be a very long week while the Diamondbacks are out of town. Besides no games at BOB, I am forced to deal with a new and improved honey-do list that includes plumbing. There is nothing I detest more than dealing with pipes and leaking faucets. It seems every time I try to work on the plumbing, the results are the same. I end up doing the wave. In most cases, it is a tidal wave. You would think after replacing two floors, a cabinet, and numerous bathroom rugs that Trina would learn her lesson. Instead, she insists on including these items on my household list. Oh well, it will give me a chance to try out my new Diamondbacks beach towel.

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