Dakota at the Diamond

Sunday was Dakota’s turn to go to the ball game with me. He and I go to nearly every Sunday game together. For one, it gives me a chance to spend some time with him and more importantly, it gives Trina a break from dealing with Tropical Storm Dakota. As the father of four daughters, I had always heard how little boys were different than girls. I had always nodded my head at these comments while in the back of my mind discounting the source as being somewhat out of touch. After all, kids are kids right? Well, Dakota has provided proof that there is indeed a major difference between raising girls and boys. If we had had Dakota as the first child rather than the last, we would have stopped at one. He has more energy and gets into more mischief than any other three kids. Today was again a Bullpen Buddy day and Dakota definitely wanted to go down onto the field. We stood in line so that he could get a wrist band to get onto the field. As the Diamondbacks came out to warm up, the children were led onto the field. Because Brian Anderson was working out in the bullpen, the kids were lined up along the third base line to wait for autographs. That was just fine with Dakota. He was fascinated with the dirt base paths and took every opportunity to kick the dirt or pick up handfuls and put it in his pocket for later. As Damian Miller and Danny Klassen made their way down to line to sign autographs, Dakota was busy playing with the dirt. I had hoped the little dudester would go to sleep during the game but much to the dismay of me and the people sitting around me, he stayed awake for the whole game. He was great though cheering the Diamondbacks on to victory.

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