Disco Fever

When the Diamondbacks schedule came out for the 2000 season, this was the game I was most afraid of. It was not because Ken Griffey Junior makes his Cincinnati Reds debut at Bank One Ballpark. It was not because the Reds dominated the Diamondbacks last year. No, tonight was scary because it is Disco night at the ballpark. Having grown up during that time, I know exactly what the music and clothing was like. It has taken lots of years and lots of money to try and get over the experience and yet the Diamondbacks continue to make me relive the experience each season. As I stood in line to get into the ballpark, I am surrounded by polyester clad fans who are here for the festivities rather than the ballgame. Disco music is blaring through the loudspeakers and there is a mirrored ball hanging above the pool area in right center field. Large afros, bell-bottomed pants, and poofy hair are everywhere in the stadium. As I was heading to my seat, a four foot midget with 12 inch platform shoes stepped on my foot. No good can come from a promotion like this. It is just creepy to know that there are this many people who these articles of clothing still in their closet. I for one refused to dress in these period costumes. Tiffany, my 10 year old thinks this is great. In fact, there was a big fight at the house as Mallorie and Tiffany each fought over who got to come to tonight’s game. I’m freaking out man, I’m really freaking out. The only thing missing from tonight is the sound effects from the Six Million Dollar Man when Alex Cabrera swings his bat. Now that would have been classic.

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