It Seems Like Yesterday

Nineteen years ago, I was a nervous wreck. I can remember being up at 4:30 AM and not being able to go back to sleep. I packed and unpacked what I would wear today about a million times. I watched the sun rise understanding this would be the last day I would do this alone. At six, I got in my car and drove across town where I met Trina. She was beautiful that day as she is every day. Her eyes sparkled as we looked at each other unaware of the consequences of the decision we were about to make. As the day went on and the activities became more hurried, it has still not sunk in that I was no longer a bachelor and that I would be sharing an eternity with this wonderful woman. I look back over the years and I cannot imagine my life with anyone else but Trina. It is somewhat sad that while we were exchanging wedding vows, all I heard was “take this man for better” while all Trina got was “or worse”. I will admit, I am not the easiest person to live with and at times it would be easier to live without but through all of that Trina has stuck around. Perhaps it is her maternal instincts since I have been told on more than one occasion that Trina is raising six kids rather than five and a husband. I may have aged through the years but never grown up. Looking back over our marriage, it has been quite an adventure. Whether it was taking a spring break from college and driving to Disneyland where we slept in the car because I forgot to reserve a hotel room, or breaking her Precious Moments figurine when I hit an errant nerf ball when playing in the living room, Trina has endured it all. In many cases she merely shakes her head and quietly walks off. If the Lord does indeed watch over us, He and Trina will have a long talk when we leave this earth at which time Trina should be awarded sainthood. I love her with all my heart and am grateful that in a time of weakness, she agreed to be my wife.

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