Kelly and the Camera

The Diamondbacks had a rare game on national television as the game of the week against the Anaheim Angels. As always, we arrived early for batting practice. We stood in the left field bleachers and spoke to several of the Diamondbacks players. At the plate, Kelly Stinnett was taking batting practice and hitting bombs to left field. While we were standing there, the public address announcer explained that Kelly would be signing autographs at a local Nissan dealership after the game. During the inaugural season, Kelly presented a baseball to my daughter Whitney as part of the “September to Remember” celebration. Since that time, Kelly has become her favorite player. I called Trina and we decided we would take the kids over to meet him in person. After the game, the family made their way to Mesa where we waited patiently for Kelly to arrive. As we were standing in line, I had a brilliant idea. If I could get Kelly to remove his hat, I could get a picture of him and save myself a lot of work on his Chia head. Since I have not had much luck with players removing their hat for me, I gave the camera to Trina. After all, who could deny a picture by a pretty lady with 4 kids in tow? At first, Kelly declined her suggestion that he take off his hat but after some pleading by Trina and Kelly’s wife, he relented and removed his cap. Trina took a couple of pictures and even got his autograph. This will save me at least 3 hours of work in airbrushing his hat and hair off. What a sport, if only he could get Matt Williams to remove his hat I would be all set.

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