Leaving On a Jet Plane

The Diamondbacks leave for a six game road trip including their first Interleague game against the Texas Rangers. With the Diamondbacks out of town, I have a break from games. The timing worked out beautifully allowing me to attend a Microsoft conference in Orlando Florida all of next week. So instead of sleeping in and going to the office, I was up early and headed for the airport to catch a plane to Florida. I had not had a change to look at my tickets so I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I knew for sure was that the plane left before 7:00 AM and I arrived sometime after 6:00 PM. When I got to the ticket counter, I was informed that I would be flying to Dallas from Phoenix and I would have a layover there and change planes. My mind quickly did some calculations and an idea was formed. If I could somehow get the layover in Dallas to be around 5:00 PM and last about 3 hours, I could catch a cab to Arlington and see the Diamondbacks play the Texas Rangers. Trying to hide my excitement, I asked how long I would be “stuck” in Dallas. The ticket agent explained it would be only for an hour at about noon. I tried desperately to change my flights so that I could make the game but the connections just wouldn’t match up. I decided to try for the next best thing. I asked if the flight had a movie or television. I was told it did not. I was down to my last resort. Did the flight at least have music? Yes, it did have that. Could the plane pick up ESPN or a local station that carried the baseball game? At this point the exasperated agent told me no and moved my seat. Now instead of an aisle seat, I was stuck in the middle between two Sumo wrestlers who each had a garlic salami sandwich. Perhaps I pressed my luck with the questions just a tad.

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