Rocky Mountain High Strike

After a four game series where they split with the Los Angeles Dodgers, the Diamondbacks were off to Colorado for a three game series with the Rockies. I had really wanted go up to one of the games in Colorado but Trina slammed the brakes on that idea. She seems to think that 83 games in Phoenix (81 regular season plus 2 Spring Training) plus a series in San Diego are plenty of baseball. It is obvious that I need to continue to work on her priorities since they still seem to be a little out of whack. At first I thought she didn’t realize the importance of this series but as I tried to explain it to her she just stood there with her arms crossed staring at me like I was a small child. I attempted to explain to her the other benefits of making this road trip. We would be able to get out of the heat. We could go to some of the museums in Denver or perhaps take the kids to the Denver Mint to watch as money was being created. It would be a change to get away from all the hassles of everyday life. All of these valid arguments were shot down one right after another. How could she not see the beauty of this plan and jump at the opportunity. Dejected, I was relegated to watching the game on television. As it got to game time, I turned on the television only to find that tonight’s game had been rained out. Trina of course took this opportunity to drive home a point. “You mean I would have been stuck in a hotel room with 5 kids and a husband staring out the window at rain falling down? Yeah, that sounds like a vacation.” On paper, this had seemed like a good idea.

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