Shopping Redemption

This year, Father’s Day and our wedding anniversary fall on the same day. This is the first time that has happened since we have been married and I have to admit, I was less than thrilled when I first realized this. How in the world could the schedulers not have understood the monumental importance of this date and not scheduled a home game for the Diamondbacks. I think this is the first time since the Diamondbacks have been in existance that I have not been at a game for our anniversary. Trina seems almost relieved. I cannot imagine why since I take her to the game every year on this day. I had thought about taking her to Colorado to celebrate our anniversary but I could not get tickets to the game. So instead, I am left to shop for Trina a gift that expresses our love. Looking back over the past few occasions, I have been less than successful in my gift giving. On Valentines Day there was the Diamondbacks teddy that she never wears. On Mother’s Day there was the Diamondbacks hat that I have never seen her wear. I am not quite sure what is wrong with her. I asked the kids what I should get their mother for her anniversary and the answer was unanimous, nothing with a Diamondbacks logo. I was shocked, surely they were mistaken but I decided to play it safe. I spent the past several days looking around to see if I could determine what it was that she needed. After careful analysis I found the one thing that she could definitely use. It was brilliant. Every time she picked this item up, she would think of me and the love I have for her. It was settled, I am going to get her a new spatula. Not wanting to be in the dog house once again, I decided to add a little something to it and got her a new Diamondbacks shirt that she can wear to the game this week. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good about this one.

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