Slow Motion

Have you ever sat and watched as a mime practices his craft with the timeless walking against the wind bit? Every muscle in his body is being used to walk against this invisible force that is stopping him from progressing. I have now experienced the equivalent in baseball. Tonight for the getaway game for the Diamondbacks and the Cardinals, the managers chose to pitch Armando Reynoso versus Andy Benes. These two have got to be the most deliberate pitchers in the game today. There are both pros and cons to this match-up. The good news is that you rarely miss any of the action if you decide to go and get a hot dog or a drink. In fact, I left my seat, went up two decks, stopped at the team shop, and said hello to Stan Oliver and only missed two pitches. On the other hand, these two pitchers show why Major League Baseball charters airplanes. There is no way anyone is going to catch a flight out of town with these two on the mound. Seeing the match-up, I knew that I would not be taking either Whitney or Dakota to this game since it would be well past their bedtimes before we would get home. By the fifth inning, I was beginning to wonder whether I would be getting away soon enough to catch my plane to Orlando and my flight did not leave until 5:45 AM Friday morning. I have never prayed for starting pitchers to be taken out of the game in my life but today that all changed. I wonder how feasible a pitch clock would be? It has done wonders to speed up basketball, maybe Selig should be spending time on important things like this rather than this realignment insanity.

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